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Why You Should Consider Selling Your Jewellery Through An Auction House

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There are various methods available to you if you are in the market to sell your unwanted fine jewellery and watches, and each method has its advantages. Lets look at the benefits of deciding to use an auction house to sell your valuables. Examples of items that have strong buyer demand include engagement rings, GIA certified Diamonds, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald jewellery, premium brand Swiss watches and the like.

Best potential return on investment

Selling your jewellery (including second hand) through an auction house often means that you will potentially achieve the largest sales figures and best price for your jewellery. Various discerning buyers will be bidding on your items, which can lead to your jewellery being sold at prices you would not have been offered elsewhere.


A popular and trustworthy auction house carries with it a reputation for immaculate items. This means that if your fine jewellery pieces and luxury watches are accepted by an auction house, you can rest assured in the knowledge that the potential buyers will know that the items are of good quality and are authentic. This means that you can potentially benefit from much higher returns and get the most money!


When your jewellery is accepted by a reputable auction house, the items are placed in a catalogue that is advertised to a lot of people, which significantly raises the chances of your items being sold. Extensive digital and traditional marketing activities regarding your jewellery will be undertaken both nationally and internationally by the auction house.


Using an auction house to sell your jewellery means that you will not necessarily be utilising the fastest method on the market, but you are showing your items to an audience of very engaged buyers that are participating in the auction, ready to buy and bid online from around the world.


Remember that all reputable auction houses must be compliant with various Commonwealth laws and regulations, which means that you don’t have to worry about dubious transactions taking place. With First State Auctions, the seller’s funds are retained in a trust account. The added benefit of using an auction house is that all sales made are legally binding the moment the hammer falls, which means the sale is finalised on the day.

If you are looking for an auction house that will help you achieve the highest cash return from your jewellery and watches, look no further than First State Auctions. We are an established auction house that can offer you help and guidance on your potential sales to ensure you walk away happy. Contact us today to find out more or visit our Selling Jewellery page and send in your details.