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Be it the symbolism, design, or sentiment that draws your attention, Brooches are a timeless conversation piece. A new vision of the past is emerging with the fashion-fuelled renaissance of the Brooch. Delighting in the glamour and attention they deserve, we’re seeing the Brooch flaunt runways and fashion scene gatherings globally. Both functional and decorative, they are a vibrant addition to any collection. Leading jewellery designers and collectors alike are all maximising on the stylish revival that Brooches are currently luxuriating in.


Possibly one of the oldest items of jewellery dating back to the Palaeolithic age, Brooches were not gender specific. The earliest reported Brooches were made of thorns and flint and originally served the practical purpose of fastening pieces of clothing to the body or to hold fabric together. The Byzantines palate for colour saw the birth of the Brooch as an art form of beauty and expression. Nomadic barbarian tribes used them for trade. The Christian period saw the addition of symbols and inscriptions, while Brooches soared as an ornamental piece in the middle ages when dress manner altered and fasteners were no longer necessary. Often unique in their design, Brooches were produced with decorative characteristics to convey impressions about the wearer, period and milieu.

Nowadays, the value, charm and allurement offered by the Brooch is in its creative fun and ornate fulfilment of zhoozh-ing up items of clothing, the hair or body. Splurging on an upmarket Brooch creates a welcoming feeling. They are sophisticated items of jewellery often designed with precious metals, stones and gems. Some believe jewellery to be an alternative safe haven to gold because it endures and maintains its value over the long term, not to mention that it is extremely portable and markedly more practical and pleasurable to own. Meeting the demand for luxury goods around the world, Brooches are a striking contribution to any collection.

Make a Brooch yours through First State Auctions

Own your own statement piece with a standout Brooch from First State Auctions. The precious stones and metals in our collection of new and historical Brooches are of paramount quality and authenticity. We have varying designs each adorned with a selection of diamonds, rubies, opals and sapphires.

Once you buy one Brooch with First State Auctions, be warned it may not be your last. The adoration and love that comes with owning a Brooch seems only to perpetuate.

We trust you’ll absolutely cherish your new purchase. Bids can be placed online and all winning bids come with free shipping (international T’s & C’s apply).  

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Sapphire and Diamond Brooch

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24.98ct Amethyst and Diamond Brooch

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Opal, Sapphire and Diamond Brooch