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Collectible watches: what to look for

Owning a vintage Rolex is a joy and potentially a smart investment, but how should you go about buying collectible watches?

In recent years the collectible watch market has been buoyant. Some timepieces with historic value have gone for breathtaking prices. The actor Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona went under the hammer for USD$15.5 million. His wife had reportedly bought it in the 1960s for about $250.


Watches – What Does “Water Resistance” Mean?

The term “water resistance" is often confused with waterproof”. The International Organization for Standardization issued a standard for water resistant watches which also prohibits the term "waterproof" to be used with watches.


What is an aftermarket watch ?

At First State Auctions we sell new and pre-owned watches, all in very good to excellent condition. We only sell watches where ALL parts are genuine.