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The Sherro Family Collection

First State Auctions is honoured to auction Important Jewels from the Sherro Family Collection. The amazing pieces are offered as a feature in this week's Exquisite Fine Jewellery, Designer Bag & Swiss Watch auction. Nadia Janette Marie Sherro – emanating from Egypt, was a flamboyant socialite and the daughter of an Egyptian financier. She married a distinguished Adjutant to the Commander & Chief of the Egyptian Navy and set the social scene alight. Going under the reputation of "The Sophia Loren of Alexandria", Nadia was often seen frequenting the best establishments of Egyptian high society.


The Emden Collection

Under instructions from the EMDEN Family, an exclusive “boutique collection” of high-quality gemstones and gold jewellery will be sold by way of public auction. THE EMDEN COLLECTION is Hans Emden’s exclusive private collection representing 35 years of passionate interest in coloured gemstones: their sources, identification and use in fine jewellery, as well as the use of gold for both adornment and investment. Rarely does the private collection of a trained specialist gemmologist become available to the public. Every item boasts a uniquely artisan crafted and fully curated investment for the astute buyer.