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A great time for selling gold jewellery

Are you sitting on a secret goldmine? With gold prices hitting all time highs, it’s a great time for selling gold jewellery that you no longer want.

Historically, the price of gold tends to rise during times of economic uncertainty and conflict. Current global concerns, including trade tensions between the US and China, have resulted in booming prices. Gold was around $1650 per ounce a year ago (September 2018), now it’s over over $2,200 Australian dollars an ounce!!!



6 things to look for when investing in jewellery

There are many different reasons for investing in jewellery, from a gift or engagement ring to a valuable asset. In many cultures, it’s traditional to buy gold jewellery for weddings as a dowry and store of value.

But when making any investment, it’s wise to know what to look for. We have 6 tips to help you get the most value for your money, and buy fine jewellery that’s beautiful as well as holding its value.