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Natural vs Synthetic Diamonds

Diamonds are highly prized gemstones that have been valued for centuries for their beauty, quality, durability, rarity and significance. However, navigating the diamond market can be complex for buyers, as it involves diverse factors such as varying levels of quality, pricing, and certifications that may not always be transparent. One challenge can be understanding the differences between purchasing natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds. 


Fluorescence in Diamonds

Fluorescence is a common phenomenon found in diamonds that is often described as the ability of a diamond to emit a visible light when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. It is caused by the presence of certain elements within the diamond's crystal structure, such as nitrogen or vacancies in the crystal lattice.


Coloured diamonds: how to buy

Once considered the “white” stone alongside red rubies, blue sapphires and green emeralds, coloured diamonds are now highly sought after by collectors and jewellery fans. Some of the rarer colours are considered investment grade
stones and change hands for many millions of dollars.


Diamonds – The Ultimate Treasure from Nature

Diamonds have always been a girl’s best friend and have always had a unique place in peoples’ hearts and minds. A diamond represents a significant moment in a person’s life and it is therefore vital to ensure that the integrity of the diamond is as exceptional as the moment, commitment or love that it represents.


How to buy Diamonds for Investment

Over the longer term diamond prices have consistently increased, so many people have considered them as an investment. When it comes to buying a stone for investment, the secret is in the planning. Here are 7 things you need to consider before you purchase.


Perfection costs nearly $27 million

At the Christies ‘Magnificent Jewels Auction’ held in Geneva on May 15th 2013 the world’s largest ‘flawless’ and ‘colourless’ diamond ever put up for auction was sold for a record 25.9 million Swiss Francs (US$26.7 million). Christies were hoping to realize up to US$30 million.