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Why more Australians are buying Fine Jewellery and Designer Bags at Auction

With the forced shift to online sales due to Covid-19 restrictions, many auction houses are reaping the benefits, with an increased focus on luxury items.

There are a few theories as to why, but most can agree that customers simply aren't travelling and therefore those budgets are being spent on buying nice things for themselves - and what better way to do that than with a luxury piece of fine jewellery or a designer bag.


Why should you buy a Swiss watch at auction?

The luxury watch market is booming thanks to an increase in online watch information and collector sites, coupled with the rise in young watch enthusiasts flashing their Swiss statuses on social media - and none more so than the pre-loved sector.

Industry expert, Ari Taibel, Director of First State Auctions says “Demand for premium pre-owned Swiss watches is greater than experienced in the past 30 years”.

Whether you are an old timer or new watch enthusiast, if you’re looking to buy a luxury watch, it’s never been a better time. Since Covid-19, many traditional auction houses have  transformed into contemporary, digital first organisations.