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Tanzanite - a one generation gem stone

The story of Tanzanite gem stones is intriguing, a romantic journey which is playing out right in front of our eyes, right now! It has grown exponentially in popularity because of its stunning blue-purple colour and increasingly understood scarcity.


What is an aftermarket watch ?

At First State Auctions we sell new and pre-owned watches, all in very good to excellent condition. We only sell watches where ALL parts are genuine.


Top 10 tips for looking after your jewellery

People spend lots of money buying fine quality precious gems, but then don’t clean them regularly. The gems then lose their sparkling lustrous appearance. With precious stones, a dirty stone can appear much lower in quality than it really is, as grime builds up on the surfaces of the gem.


Perfection costs nearly $27 million

At the Christies ‘Magnificent Jewels Auction’ held in Geneva on May 15th 2013 the world’s largest ‘flawless’ and ‘colourless’ diamond ever put up for auction was sold for a record 25.9 million Swiss Francs (US$26.7 million). Christies were hoping to realize up to US$30 million.


Ruby Treatment – the Good and the Bad

When it comes to some ruby treatments…the glass is not half full - its totally empty! Gems have been treated for centuries, and some of the treatments are commonly accepted in the jewellery trade and by gemmologists.