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Why should you buy a Swiss watch at auction?


The luxury watch market is booming thanks to an increase in online watch information and collector sites, coupled with the rise in young watch enthusiasts flashing their Swiss statuses on social media - and none more so than the pre-loved sector.

Industry expert, Ari Taibel, Director of First State Auctions says “Demand for premium pre-owned Swiss watches is greater than experienced in the past 30 years”.

Whether you are an old timer or new watch enthusiast, if you’re looking to buy a luxury watch, it’s never been a better time. Since Covid-19, many traditional auction houses have transformed into contemporary, digital first organisations.

Gone are the days when luxury watch brands were only seen on the wrists of celebrities and entrepreneurs. Today, thanks to these online auction sites, Swiss watches can be accessible for everyone at the right price - even investment grade timepieces, and therefore it makes total economic sense to consider second-hand.

Investing in a pre-owned luxury watch at an online auction house is a great way to save money, but with so many watch-selling plat- forms out there, it can be daunting for buyers who are left feeling nervous if they know enough about the industry.


Thinking of buying a pre-owned luxury watch and are looking for trusted information to take the next step? Read on.


Passion or investment?

Often the buying decision comes down to two things: passion and investment. How much do you love the watch’s functionality, design, crown, dial, bezel and the movement. Is it a brand that you admire? All these put together tell a story, drawing you towards the watch of your dreams.

Then the investment side of things comes into play. Whether your purchase is for sentimental reasons or you want to flip it, to improve your odds of a return on investment you want some sort of guarantee that the auction item has been tested and certified right? First State Auctions unconditionally guarantee every catalogue item they list. They authenticate all items before they enter into an auction and pre-owned watches are not only tested and certified by an independent Swiss Watchmaker, they include a minimum 3-month warranty.

Breitling Transocean 18ct Rose Gold
RRP - AUD 27,000, Sold at auction - AUD 10,000*

OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronometer
RRP - AUD 12,250, Sold at auction - 7,200*

Girard Perregaux 1966 Full Calendar
RRP - AUD 16,020, Sold at auction - 8,000*

Why buying Swiss Watches from First State Auctions makes good sense.

Established in 1995, it’s reassuring to know that First State Auctions have been selected and trusted by Commonwealth of Australia government departments as their auctioneers.

With a high level of customer excellence that only comes with being one of Australia’s leading auction house specialists, you can buy with confidence knowing every Swiss watch is guaranteed to be authentic or your money back.

With an incredible 150 Swiss watches auctioned every month including all leading brands, limited edition models and collector items, First State Auctions brings to market a wide selection of luxury watches often not even available through retail stores.

With high quality, detailed images and thorough condition reports for all Swiss watches, you can bid with confidence on any one of them. This is backed up by a knowledgeable customer service team, happy to answer your questions or provide advice.

If you’re ready to take your love of watches to the next level and invest, an auction is a great place to start.

Want to view a watch in the current auction? Visit First State Auctions, where Swiss watches are going under the hammer at incredible prices right now.

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